Dear all my students,

Please watch this video and share with me your thoughts on:
1. What can we learn from this video especially in acquiring Arabic language?
2. How we can create this learning condition in our Arabic class?
3. What change we need to do to Arabic syllabus?
4. How do we implement this?

Happy watching.


abdullah said...

1. we can create this learning condition by:

a. having more contact hours
b. have more computer or facilities

2. no change.....yet


yo said...

dimulakan dgn al fatihah..aamiiiinnn

1.hari ini bleh blajar arab kot vdeo maker..smggu dari skang assignment arab akan siap..tungguuuuu..

Anonymous said...

jdkn aktiviti ni slh 1 aktiviti dlm kelas.
bwat cdrom khas.

Anonymous said...

1)by providing the class with
facilities needed to show movie.
2)the arabic syllbus must contain
intereting things.
3)no comment

hazirah. said...

create this learning condition by go to lab 2 hours per week.euww. sound fun...
we need to change the arab syllabus.make it full of teen's topics..
i dont know how to implement this lorh

Anonymous said...

A very interesting video show..
1. Through students participitation in various activity that is being done by ustaz.
2. Not only stressing too much on the Arabic language but also includes some interesting games or activity.
3. That I don't know..Haha..^_^

Anonymous said...

1.create this way of learning by occupying at least 2 or 3 hours at the computer lab and learn arabic using this media

2. perhaps the syllabus needs to be more detailed,not just on the surface.

3. the lecturer needs to make the class more interesting by, explaining beyond the titles in the syllabus.

Anonymous said...

belajar dgn guna kecanggihan teknologi boleh mnarik minat kami yg tidak mnt arabic..tapi yg susahnya nak taip perkataan arab..harap2 ada cara yg lbh mudah..

infinity said...

ooo..proses pengajaran dan pembelajaran yang mengagumkan...pada masa yang sama,kita dapat belajar cara untuk membuat movie menggunakan subtitle arab...
change??...erm.. cam nie lar...e-learning punya belajar..teruskan usaha anda untuk meningkatkan tahap minat pelajar terhadap bahasa arb...chaiyyok!!!

ASMA" said...


for me it's a good learning condition .it's interesting and the most important is, it not BORING for student during their learning process.
thank you that's all.

hamba allah said...


1.by having arabic class at da lab comp..

2.i think,giv more information n xtra about arbic..

3.hahaaa no idea!!

Anonymous said...

1.by creating a movie relating to the chapter in the text book..so this would attract the students to learn arabic language in an interesting way..

2.we might should know some scientific terms in arabic so we can apply it in our future other than learning the basic arabic language...

3.provide some related videos in a cd-rom for the students..free of charge is better..haha^_^

Anonymous said...

not bad...ok je blajar arab gna video nie...(",)

Anonymous said...

pembelajaan sebegini amat menarik. ia tidak membosankan.. malah pelajar dapat mempelajari bahasa arab seiring dengan teknologi sekarang....terima kasih..

Muhd Nadzmi said...

1. Reseach says that mind can recieve better when looking at moving picture.

2. By starting the class with IT

3. Teach the basic grammar first.

4. Use in class

student iium said...

1)we can got the new arabic vocab..
2)come to com lab evry week(thrsday)
3)use the tcnlgy.not jst book prvdd..


Thank you for giving your comments and sharing your ideas. Hope you can learn through this emergence technology. "Don't serve technologies but let them serve us".

ehsan said...

1. we can improve our vocab.
2. always do an assignment
3. add contact hours

student group 2 said...

this type of learning is very good for student like us that realy like to use modern aplication...
thanks a lot to ustaz azrul that always exposed us to the usage of technology throughout our learning.. :-)

Anonymous said...

by watch this short video,student can improve their arabic skill likes vocab ..

Anonymous said...

1) we can how to implement our arabic langunge in daily life. it is not hard actually but what making it hard is our lackness of vocab.

2) by always bring tech stuff to class wheter it new or not (preferly latest gadget, if not you will be shame yourself) because tech is really near to youth nowdays.

3)like what i'm said before, student are very lack of vocab, so, they very afraid to arabic because everytime they go to class, it seem they go to a new planet ( teacher not in the real world, just teach without relate it to the rela world)

taufiq said...

upon to u ya ustaz..

1.accidentally,we can learn new vocab and the right way to speak in arabic...
2.from my poin of view..i thnk we should always talk in arabic if u don't mind..
3.absolutely we must learn abot technology bcoz arabic is a global language..

ku shafiq said...

1. with this video, we can improve our arabic language by looking at the subtitle while watching at the movie.
2. by always practising this types of learning in our class and if can,in our daily life.
3. we can changes it by add it to something more advance syllabus like qawaid,insyak and not to forget by adding some fun games and pop-up pictures..
4. simply by implement all this in class

Anonymous said...

besnye blaja arab gne video....
sugeii..ganbatte kudasai ustaz!!!!!!

alip said...

1.we can learn about arabic grammar and speak well...also learn fasting from childhood..
2.i dont know...may be more often go to comp. lab
3.for me, more focus to grammar learning,vocab,and...sorry i lost it..
4.opps..i cant think yet...next time,may be

aman@peacemaker said...

1.arabic language is a quranic language...open up ur mind in studying arabic
2.use diz application often n we can always be in cc
3.da text should include games n outdoor activities that related to the arabic language

kila90 said...

-new vocab
-always get in da com lab!!!!=)
btw arigato gozaimas 4 teachin me dis video....